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This site was a suite of tools for doTERRA Wellness Advocates. It allowed them to project bonuses and rank requirements by interfacing with their back...

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AFS Share Portal

This is a hub for 300+ stores, separated into 3 share groups, where features and promotions can be distributed to the different websites. Promotions a...

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About Me

I have always loved to learn and been a problem solver. These attributes are evidenced in my life as I have enhanced my skill set by teaching myself new technologies. Starting with a strong base in HTML and CSS, in three short years I have taught myself much about jQuery and PHP. These skills have allowed me to create a wealth of solutions in my career.

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My featured projects

  • A Comparative Look at Mormonism and Catholicism
  • August 2009 Magazine
  • AFS Share Portal
  • Power of 3 Bonus Projector
  • dovirtualassistant.com

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